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  • 1Checking English grammar efficiently to avoid grammatical mistakes
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Based On Your Idea

AI writing based on your idea

I am writing to recommend Peter for admission to your esteemed institution. As his professor, I have had the pleasure of witnessing his exceptional work ethic, dedication, and passion for the field of study.
My life in university has been an incredible journey full of challenges and opportunities. From attending lectures to participating in extracurricular activities, I have learned a lot about time management, communication, and leadership.
Icebreaker Games: Start the team building activity with some fun icebreaker games that help team members get to know each other better. Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt is an excellent team building activity that requires collaboration and communication.
Climate change is a global issue that requires immediate action. We can start by reducing our carbon footprint through simple lifestyle changes such as using public transportation, conserving energy, and recycling. We must also support policies that promote renewable energy and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

6 AI Functions

6 AI writing functions that help you improve writing skill

  • Topic Writing

    Create articles based on topics and difficulty levels that you give

  • Text Polishing

    Polish your articles into different kinds of tones

  • Summary

    Summarize paragraphs briefly

  • Expansion

    Expand paragraphs in detail

  • Accurate Translation

    Translate accurately based on the context

  • Automatic Proofreading

    Check your grammar and expression mistakes efficiently

Multi-scenario Usage

A comprehensive scenario solution that enables efficient writing

  • Daily Study

    Daily learning and practice of English writing

  • Individual Creation

    Individual creative writing of passages or stories,etc.

  • Overseas Study

    Journey of overseas study

  • Business Office

    Various types of document and business email writing

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